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Gold Edison Award

Edison Awards gave us Gold for our research!



report on our long range iris system Identifying stopped car drivers


Discovery News

report on our long range iris system Identifying stopped car drivers



report on our cutting edge facial recognition Technology!


NewScientist- reports on our twin identification technology!


PBS NEWSHOUR- Miles O'Brian reports on our lab and its technology for Boston case

NOVA - Boston Manhunt on our low resolution face matching on suspect #2​​

CBS 60 Minutes - Face in a Crowd

ARS Technica overviews our work for the Boston Case


Tribune-Review on our face enhancement

CNN interview on our Face Recognition and Enhancement

MIT Technology Review on our image enhancement

NEWSCIENTIST article on our Cellphone GAIT Identification research​

REUTERS report our work with CMNH and UPMC on Poisonous Plant Identification Cellphone APP

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Our Research in TV


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We have developed state of the art technology which we have patented in various areas of Biometrics. We focus on both robust co-operative biometrics achieving high verification rates at very low False Accept Rates (FAR) and also have a technological edge on un-constrained biometric identification, where we relax the pose, user co-operation to be identified for a more pleasant and non-intrusive Biometric identification experience.

Our expertise in Artificial Intelligence, pattern recognition & machine learning combined with statistical signal and image processing is also applied to other areas of identification, including biomedical applications and more. Please contact us if you have a challenge in this area.

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